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E85 Ethanol
E85 is an alternative
fuel that burns cleaner
than gasoline.
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Petroleum and Blue Planet

Blue Planet

The smart choice for cleaner running engines

Introducing new and improved Blue Planet Gasoline, now enriched with Smart Power Engine Cleaning Additives that help clean up dirty engine deposits. Keep your engine running cleaner, smoother and longer while maximizing fuel efficiency with Blue Planet Gasoline!

What makes blue planet gasoline TOP tier?

Leading automobile manufacturers developed a rating that represents the standard a gasoline must meet to be endorsed for gasoline powered engines, old and new. For a gasoline to be rated TOP TIER, it must contain specific levels of chemical additives that prevent the buildup of harmful deposits on critical engine parts which can affect your vehicle's performance.

All grades of Blue Planet Gasoline meet or exceed TOP TIER standards.

Engine Cleaning Additives

Smart Power Engine
Cleaning Additives in
Blue Planet Gasoline
are specifically blended
to deliver more cleaning
power to your engine
than many other gasoline
brands available today.

Minimum EPA Requirements
Meets Top Tier Standards
Twice the Top Tier Standards
View Larger    *In Montana, Smart Power Supra is identified as Smart Power Unleaded Plus.