Drive Clean

For over 10 years, Holiday has led the way in meeting or exceeding environmental and quality standards. When Holiday introduced Blue Planet Gasoline in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area in 1999 it was the first gasoline in the nation, outside of California, with sulfur emissions lower than levels mandated by Federal regulation, reducing tail pipe emissions by as much as 20%.

Now, with Smart Power Engine Cleaning Additives, Blue Planet Gasoline not only helps keep the air clean, but it helps keep your engine clean as well. It's the smarter choice for your car.

Spray Diagram

Blue Planet Gasoline keeps new systems clean and clear. Eliminates disrupted spray patterns and fuel flow which can lead to higher emissions, reduced fuel economy and cause your engine to hesitate, surge
or stall.

  Intake Diagram

Deposits can increase emissions as well as reduce your engine's performance and fuel economy. Blue Planet Gasoline helps keep new engines performing at peak levels and can help clean up deposits in older engines.